WATCH: Two Guys Trick Carole Baskin from “Tiger King” Into Giving an Interview


Two YouTubers pranksters managed to get Carole Baskin from”Tiger King” into giving a rare interview by tricking her into believing she was really going to be on Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show”. At the end of it all, US says she was okay with it, they weren’t really mean to her, and she got to talk about Big Cat Rescue.

Baskin hasn’t talked much to the media since “Tiger King” came out, mostly because she doesn’t like the way she was portrayed, and there’s that pesky part about her second husband’s disappearance. But two YouTubers named Josh Pieters and Archie Manners armed with a Jimmy Fallon soundboard and Zoom managed to get the coveted interview with the Tiger Queen, by pretending to be producers from “The Tonight Show”.

Pieters and Manners explained away the lack of video because Jimmy didn’t have the right equipment with him at the house. This is how it all went down.