Florida Man Films Shark Eating Shark Near Florida Beach

screenshot: instagram @jackbatesphotography

Heading to the beach this weekend? You may want to watch this video from Jack Bates first.

Bates is a paddleboarder and professional photographer from Juno Beach, Florida who usually takes his GoPro when paddling because you never know what you’ll see… and on a Tuesday afternoon, he saw something incredible.

In about 4 feet of water, only a few yards from Juno Beach, a public Palm Beach County beach access, Bates witnessed a large tiger shark feeding on the carcass of a dead hammerhead shark. He told TCPalm. “I’m glad I had my camera.”

Watch the video on Bates’ Instagram page here.

screenshot: instagram @jackbatesphotography

Both the Hammerhead and Tiger sharks can grow to lengths of 18-20 feet and 18 feet respectively and often range close to the shore for food.

“Epic moment this evening in 3 feet of water off Juno beach. Sorry to see the death of this hammerhead but witnessing this tigers power and beauty chow down blew my mind. Interesting fact: 30 yards down the beach there was a guy swimming with his dogs who had no clue this was happening,”

Watch the video on Bates’ Instagram page here.

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