The Morning HOG Brew Review Presents: Truly, Vizzy, & Twisted Tea.

Josh from S.R. Perrott felt like it was time to re-visit Riggs & Steve on The Morning HOG for another Brew Review. Today, we’ve got a huge variety of flavors. Let’s kick things off with one from Vizzy called Orange Cream Pop with 4.5% ABV. This super delish beverage has only 90 cal, 1g of sugar, & 1 carb. What’s more nostalgic than a hard orange cream pop with a burst of zesty orange flavor & a touch of vanilla sweetness? Now, we’re gonna switch gears & flip to a Truly Variety pack called Red, White, & Tru; all of which are 5% ABV. The first of those four is called Lemon Ice. It ain’t summer without a little taste of frozen goodness & this sweet-yet-sour lemon flavor does the trick. The best part? No brain freeze (and no chasing down the ice cream truck). Next, we have Blue Razz. You thought blue raspberry was just for gummies? Think again. Just a touch of hard candy sweetness meets a boatload of hard seltzer refreshment for one lightly delightful drink.

After a short recess, the Brew Review got back to the drinking. The boys returned to the Truly’s with their Peach Burst. With an immediate explosion to the nose, this super pungent beverage will blow you away with the succulent yet subtle taste of freshly picked peaches. Just make sure you wear your earplugs for the loud BOOM!! The last one featured in this variety pack is the Cherry Pop. Hot days & sweet, bright cherry flavors go together like fireworks & lawn chairs (AKA, perfectly). Pairs well with popsicles, Fourth of July celebrations, & the national anthem. Our final drink comes from one of Steve’s favorites, Twisted Tea. Introducing Rocket Pop. A taste as big & as bright as fireworks on the Fourth of July, this limited-edition Twisted Tea combines the bold, iconic flavors of Rocket Pop – including lemon-lime, cherry, & blue raspberry – with the smooth & delicious taste of America’s favorite hard iced tea. That’s gonna do it for this week folks. We always appreciate you tuning in. And if you are interested in picking up any of these tasty flavors, click here to find your nearest S.R. Perrott dealer. We hope you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend safely…we’ll need your confessions on Tuesday!!