Hard Seltzers Are The Drink Of Summer… And Selling More Than Craft Beer


Alcoholic seltzers like White Claw, Bon & Viv, and Truly are the drink of the summer. Low in calories, refreshing fruit flavors and cans that fit great into your pockets. Seriously, why wouldn’t they be the perfect summer booze?

Don’t believe me? Spiked seltzer sales were up 169% last year… and this year, they keep going up, including a 30% jump in just the past month. White Claw sales ALONE are outselling craft beer. A new report  shows White Claw in the top 25-brands among malt beverages and beers with sales surpassing all craft beer brands, except for Blue Moon Belgian White. and they also sparked a viral trend of memes.

Just hashtag #spikedseltzer ,#whiteclaw, #whiteclawwasted and #aintnolawswhendrinkingclaws and enjoy.