PBR Just Released a Weed Infused Seltzer


Over the last couple years Pabst Blue Ribbon has widened their product offerings with some not so PBR beverages including an 8% hard seltzer, a hard coffee, a non-alcoholic beer, an extra-alcoholic beer and, of course, an official PBR whiskey.

So just when you think you’ve seen it all from the lovely people at Pabst Labs… they go and announce a new WEED-infused seltzer.

That’s right, instead of smoking or vaping you can consume your marijuana via seltzer. Each can packs five milligrams of THC, but no alcohol. It’s called Pabst Blue Ribbon Original Cannabis-Infused Seltzer. A four-pack will run you about $24. So, six bucks a can. Pricy but you’d spend that at a bar for a favorite drink anyway so why not? Oh, because they are only selling them at dispensaries in California, for now.