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No shame in Tyson’s game

If you didn’t watch the Tyson vs Jones fight you probably didn’t miss much. It was an exhibition fight and they were in an agreement to keep it more of a spar and no knockout […]

Quinn's Afternoon Army

PBR Just Released a Weed Infused Seltzer

Over the last couple years Pabst Blue Ribbon has widened their product offerings with some not so PBR beverages including an 8% hard seltzer, a hard coffee, a non-alcoholic beer, an extra-alcoholic beer and, of […]

Quinn's Afternoon Army

Willie Nelson Has Quit Smoking Marijuana

I never thought I’d type this sentence but Country music legend and marijuana supporter Willie Nelson has quit smoking weed. Nelson, 86, cited personal health concerns for making the surprising change to his daily habit said, […]

Quinn's Afternoon Army

Daytona Beach Decriminalizes Marijuana

Daytona Beach city commissioners have voted to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana. The decision to decriminalize marijuana was made by the city commission during last night’s (April 17th) meeting, without much comment by […]

Quinn's Afternoon Army

Smokable Medical Marijuana Is Now OK In Florida

Florida lawmakers used their first full action of the 2019 legislative session to abide by the direction of Gov. Ron DeSantis and overwhelmingly approved a proposal rescinding the state’s ban on smokable medical marijuana. I […]