Is Tom Brady Trolling the Atlanta Falcons with his $28.3 Million Contract Extension?

Hall of Famer Tom Brady has reached an agreement to keep him on as quarterback of The New England Patriots. Brady recently agreed to a new contract extension where he will make an annual salary of $28.3 million per season, which, as USA Today pointed out, could be referencing the infamous Super Bowl LI comeback, and consequently trolling the Atlanta Falcons.

Now, let me be crystal clear when I say, “I have never been and am not currently a New England Patriots fan,” but every part of me want this to be true. I want to believe that TB gives so few fks about his actual salary that he massaged the total to create a $28.3 million yearly salary as a direct reference to the Patriots comeback from a 28-3 deficit against the Falcons in Super Bowl LI where New England ended up winning the game 34-28 in overtime.

Until Brady comes out and admits he chose this annual salary to deliberately to troll the Falcons, we’ll have to revel in our own speculation but you have to admit its suspect, especially when you know the Patriots had 283 diamonds in their Super Bowl LI rings specially for that reason. If its true and Brady chose $28.3 million per season to troll the Falcons, he truly may be the greatest of all time.