Florida Man Gives Back by Paying Electric Bill for 36 Families About to Lose Power

Mike Esmond knows how it feels to spend a Christmas without electricity, and he wanted to make sure no one else was left in the cold this year. The 73-year-old Florida small business owner paid the power bills for 36 families in Florida who had overdue accounts to prevent their electric from being turned off.

Christmas day in Pensacola in 1983 was the coldest December day ever recorded when the temperature dipped to a chilling 9 degrees, and that was also the year Esmond, a father of 3 girls, had his heat and power shut off due to bill nonpayment. “That year, we didn’t have any heat and it was the coldest recorded temperature (in December) Pensacola has ever had,” Esmond said. “We had icicles hanging off our windows,” according the Pensacola News Journal.

Now, the owner of Gulf Breeze Pools and Spa gives back to those in need so other local families won’t suffer this holiday season.

Thank you, Mike, for your incredible generosity!

[h/t pnj]