10 Perfect Songs For Your Thanksgiving Day Playlist

Great music is key for any get together so we went in search of the perfect Thanksgiving day playlist for you.

Thankfully, “Rolling Stone” has already curated the perfect turkey day list.

1. “Turkey Mambo Momma”, Pulp (This video is actually four songs. “Turkey Mambo Momma” is first, and it ends at 2:57.)
2. “Mashed Potatoes U.S.A.”, James Brown
3. “Biscuits ‘n Gravy”, Kelis
4. “Turkey Stuffing Song”, Jimmy Fallon
5. “My Sweet Potato”, Booker T and the MG’s
6. “Vegetables”, The Beach Boys
7. “Pass the Peas”, The J.B.’s
8. “Zombie”, The Cranberries
9. “Custard Pie”, Led Zeppelin
10. “Cold Turkey”, John Lennon