Largo Man Spits Food In Woman’s Mouth During Road Rage Incident

Lance Cpl. Orrin Farmer demonstrates road rage. Road rage is response to what drivers consider poor, inconsiderate or dangeous driving. Photo illustration by Cpl. Brianna Turner

It does not get grosser than this.

On October 29, 61-year-old David Wipperman was involved in a “road rage incident” involving an unnamed woman. Apparently after the incident, Wipperman exited his truck and approached the woman’s car. She rolled down the window and apologized for her part.

Wipperman’s reaction, however, was less than ideal. He decided to spit the food he was chewing on her, some of which ended up in her mouth.

He then opened her door and proceeded to shout and point his finger at her, and only stopped when interrupted by a passerby.

Wipperman was arrested Thursday for several felonies and is being held in Pinellas County Jail on $12,500 bond.

My stomach would not have been able to handle that. I would have puked on him.