Two Arrested On Underaged Human Trafficking Charges

Louis James and Carley Reaves
(Volusia County Jail)

Daytona Beach, FL – Two men remain in custody after both were given human trafficking charges.

And their victim was a minor.

The report from the Daytona Beach Police Department says the victim, who has been a human trafficking victim since the age of 10, was the subject of a Be On The Lookout (BOLO) bulletin that was distributed to agencies around Volusia County.

Authorities say the victim came into town from Orlando back on November 16th with 33-year-old Louis James, and another male who was unnamed in DBPD’s report. The victim said that the three of them came to Daytona specifically to make money through an online escort service.

Their report also states that the group only had $30 between them. The unnamed male returned to Orlando and left James in charge. James never left the victim unattended throughout the entire week and said that he traveled back and forth between Orlando and Daytona in that time.

When questioned by police, James told investigators that he found a place to harbor her, which was an apartment off of Ridgewood Avenue. There, he kept her after learning that she had a narcotics warrant against her and that she was a confirmed underaged trafficking victim.

According to the police, James continued to smoke narcotics with her and allowed her to engage in sexual activities with older males.

It was also around that time that the victim met the co-defendant, 38-year-old Carley Reaves, at a room at the Sun Plaza motel. There, Reaves ordered the victim alone in a room where she was told to strip, she refused. Around that time, an unknown male came into the room and told the victim to talk to him outside.

The unknown male told her to not talk to Reaves or do anything with him, as he was known to prostitute females and severely beat them. Intelligence from DBPD indicates that they have debriefed several known prostitutes in the area who stated that Reaves was violent towards them if they made no money.

One incident the victim reported with Reaves was when they were alone in a room together. There, Reaves touched himself and told her to “come get some.” Reaves then began to feel her up, but she tried to kick and move away from him. Another incident that she brought up was when Reaves tried to get her to smoke an MDMA laced cigarette. Reaves allegedly threw the cigarette at her and said “I don’t give a **** what you want.”

Then, last Friday (November 22nd), she witnessed Reaves stomping on the face of another female. That led her to believe that he would do it to her if she didn’t make him any money.

Both men were booked in Volusia County jail the next day (November 23rd). Reaves was charged with lewd and lascivious conduct with a minor, underaged human trafficking and false imprisonment. James was charged with underaged human trafficking and child neglect.

Reaves also has 17 prior bookings in Volusia County Jail, according to jail records.

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