The Morning Hog

Say Cheese!!!

Do you like cheese? Well apparently there’s a surplus of high end cheese because of Covid-19. Dairy farmers had to dump a whole bunch of milk because it would spoil, but the high end cheese…. […]

The Morning Hog

WAWA may win more hearts

Last year around this time, WAWA released its first beer called “Wawa Winter Reserve Coffee Stout” and people actually waited in line for over 2 hours to get the deliciousness. Well, they’re at it again…this […]

The Morning Hog

Diets on hold!

It’s that time of year when we all know what food is bout to be brought to the table. Cakes, Pies, candy, tons of Carbs and to top it off….booze! A new survey by OnePoll […]

Quinn's Afternoon Army

Spinach Ice Cream Has Arrived to Celebrate Fleet Week

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream in New York has launched a spinach-flavored ice cream this week in honor of Popeye the Sailor’s 90th birthday — and members of the United States Navy, Coast Guard and Marine […]