This List Ranking Burger Toppings From Best to Worst Is Just Wrong

There are so many things on the internet people are arguing about these days, sometimes it’s nice to just go at each other about something as simple as what constitutes a fantastic burger.

Thanks to Thrillist, we can do just that today. They ranked 12 different burger toppings from best to worst. Here’s what their list looks like, even though it’s obviously wrong. Seriously, bacon is #5?

1. Cheese.
2. Onions.
3. Condiments, including ketchup, mustard, thousand island, mayo and aioli, ranch, relish, and barbecue sauce.
4. Pickles.
5. Bacon.
6. Chilies.
7. Avocado.
8. Lettuce.
9. Chili.
10. Eggs.
11. Tomatoes.
12. Mushrooms.