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Keep it.. or Give it back?

There’s a man in Michigan named Howard Kirby and he recently purchased a couch at a secondhand store and paid $70.00 . He said he wanted something for his man cave. He had the couch […]

The Morning Hog

Is your face worth $130,000?

Remember the movie, “iRobot”? That’s the one where all of the robots looked exactly the same. There’s a tech company that is being pretty secretive about their name, but they want you to submit a […]

The Morning Hog

BIG CASH BRIBE returns Monday!

The Morning Hogs BIG CASH BRIBE 2.0 returns Monday, Oct 7th. All YOU have to do to get a piece of that cash is listen to the Morning Hog, Monday-Friday in the 7 o’clock hour. […]

The Morning Hog's Big Cash Bribe 2.0
The Morning Hog


Today is DOUBLE PAY THURSDAY! That means at 12:20, you have a shot at $1,200!!!!! Something from our conversations in the 7 o’clock hour will be posed as a question at 12:20 with Rhoads. If […]