BIG CASH BRIBE returns Monday!

The Morning Hogs BIG CASH BRIBE 2.0 returns Monday, Oct 7th.

All YOU have to do to get a piece of that cash is listen to the Morning Hog, Monday-Friday in the 7 o’clock hour.

Something the boys say will be posed as a question at 12:20. You’ll call 386-257-0324. If you’re  caller number 9, we will ask you that question. If you get it right… you get the cash. If you get it wrong…we add another $100 to the stack at 5:20 pm.

Oh, did we mention that we have something called DOUBLE PAY THURSDAY?

That means whatever is left at the end of the day on Wednesday…. We DOUBLE on Thursday morning!!! It could be THOUSANDS!!!!

We pay you for doing what you already are… Listening to 95.7 THE HOG!

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash