Go to Space And Be a Part of Humanity’s Future


Okay, maybe YOU won’t be going to space this time around but you can send your DNA there. Or the DNA of your ex with a note on how to use it (okay, okay I made up that last part but you have to admit it’s a fun idea).

There are 3 ways to hitch a ride on the next open launch out of Cape Canaveral, Florida on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket planned for late 2021.

For free you can request to have your name etched into a “record of humanity” (whatever that is) and for a memorial like no other, for $399 they will blast the ashes of a loved one straight into space for a the moon to be their final resting place . 

BUT, for $99 bucks you can lick a postcard and LifeShip.com will extract your DNA and put it in a pistachio sized capsule and shoot it to the moon.

Be part of a mission to represent humanity for future generations and live forever among the stars… or maybe you’ll be reproduced by alien science we haven’t discovered yet and be their next meal.

You never know.