The Morning Hog

Is Tom Cruise going to SPACE?

Have you heard the rumor that Tom Cruise is going to make a movie in outer space? Us either, but apparently its true! Yesterday, a NASA administrator put out a tweet that said…  “NASA is […]

Sleeping man
The Morning Hog

Hibernating humans?

The European Space Agency is looking into possibly putting humans into a suspended animation state…kind of like hibernation for animals, for future space flight. I.E.. Going to Mars, which would take approximately 180 days. They […]

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Hubble Telescope Spots Creepy Face in Space

The Hubble Telescope has spotted a creepy “ghostly face” in space just in time for Halloween. The super space telescope took this incredible image of the Arp-Madore 2026-424 (AM 2026-424) system, which is about 704 million […]