NASA Watching Stadium-sized Asteroid As It Hurtles Toward Earth

NASA is keeping a close eye on more than the ISS right now.

If a pandemic, murder hornets and riots aren’t enough for you, it turns out that there is a massive stadium-sized asteroid hurtling toward Earth.

If you check out NASA’s asteroid watch section of their website they show the next five asteroid approaches and the current five are all expected too pass by Earth in the next few days. The largest is estimated to be 1,100 feet wide, approximately the size of a football stadium. Named 2002 NN4, it is expected to come the closest to Earth on June 6 at 3,160,000 miles away. The closest one is expected to come within 1,830,000 miles of Earth on Wednesday. To give you some perspective, Earth is about 239,000 miles away from the moon.