Would You Take $2,000 to Betray Your Favorite NFL Team?


CableTV.com is looking for a die-hard football fan with a stadium-sized personality to pay $2,000 if they will take on the shameful challenge of spending the rest of the football season flying their rival’s colors and bragging about it online.

Ouch. That’s a lot of grief to take for $2,000. I mean you COULD do a lot with that money but is it enough to deal with the degrading comments from friends, online trolls and shame you will bring to your family? I don’t think so.

If this IS for you though, here is what you need to do.

To apply and switch sides, please fill out the form at Cabletv.com with up to 200 words on why you’re a great fit for this role. Sending a video is optional, but they say it’s strongly encouraged. They say they want to see you in your natural fandom state, your mountains of memorabilia, football knowledge and history of hatred for the other team.

Be sure to point out why your personality aligns with this job role, and mention any social media platforms where you have a particularly active presence. Considering everything they are asking for, you may also want to invoice them for your time in prepping the application.

Who knows. Maybe you’ll end up loving your new team just as much as your old one. Not.