Woman Tries to Hire Hitman Through Parody Website HireAHitman.com


The Internet will be the downfall of the dumbass.

Allow me to introduce you to 51-year-old Detroit woman Wendy Wein. Well, Wendy decided she wanted her husband dead so she did pretty much the dumbest thing possible. She started searching online and then trusted a random website to carry out her request. The particular website Wendy chose, parody site, RentAHitman.com.

The entire site is a joke. It claims to have 18,000 hitmen stationed around the country ready to do and that their headqurters are located in sunny Florida’s Mar-a-Largo. But wait, there’s more!

The website claims the company recently had to cut ties with the Illuminati and Jeffrey Epstein, it is however, “HIPPA” compliant. If you aren’t familiar “HIPPA” stands for the, quote, “Hitman Information Privacy and Protection Act of 1964.”

Somehow, she thought it would be a good idea to complete a request form detailing how she wanted her ex-husband taken out.

That’s when whoever runs the site called the cops. They set up a sting in a parking lot, and arrested her when she offered an undercover cop $5,000 for the hit, plus travel expenses. She’s facing charges for solicitation to commit murder.

[h/t wxyz]