WATCH: North Carolina Woman Has Proof Big Foot Is Real and He Enjoys Peanut Brittle


They are out there. Well, Vicky believes they are out there anyway, and by they, I mean Big Foot. Vicky believes so hard and so authentically that a Sasquatch lives and interacts with her, that a Charlotte News Station came out to investigate. The results are nothing short of wonderful.

Vicky supplied evidence to the North Carolina station too. Imprints of big feet are clearly proof of Big Foot, DUH. Not to mention the fact that she knows what Big Foot likes to eat. For the record, you can keep your bananas and apples, Big Foot likes Peanut Brittle.

There are pictures too, and in all fairness, if you check out the pictures she took with her palm pilot and use some Disney level imagination, those images could totally be Big Foot.

Grab some peanut brittle and check out the video below. 

Oh, and if you believe that, you’ll enjoy NBC’s story on a Leprechaun in Alabama.