WATCH: Ken Jennings Mimics James Holzhaur’s ‘All-In’ Hand Gesture on “Jeopardy! Greatest of All Time”

Last night we saw the contestants going ‘all-in’ and not just on the Daily Doubles.

The “Jeopardy! Greatest of All Time” tournament is some of the best television I have seen in a long time. James Holzhauer, known for making an ‘all-in’ hand gesture when he wagers during Daily Doubles, had his signature move stolen by Ken Jennings last night, all while being encouraged by host Alex Trebek.

When Ken Jennings bet everything on a Daily Double, host Alex Trebek instructed him, “Do it.” And that is the moment  Jennings took Holzhauer’s ‘all-in’ movement, while turning to ask, “Has James copyrighted this?”

James shot back, “One time use only. You’re good,” while Brad Rutter warned Jennings, “(James) now owns 10% of whatever you get.”

This isn’t the first time the GOAT contestants have gotten rambunctious during the tournament. On the first night James Holzhauer mocked Brad Rutter over a slow buzz by turning, pointing and laughing at Brad Rutter.

Jennings walked away with the win on night 1 while Holzhaur took home top spot on night 2.