The Rolling Stones Tour Is Sponsored By… A Retirement Planning Group?

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The Rolling Stones’ have rescheduled their tour now that Mick Jagger is fully recovered from a successful heart procedure. Now, we are finding out the tour is being fully sponsored by a retirement-planning group and we have questions.

Alliance for Lifetime Income is a non-profit set up to boost awareness about retirement income options. They’ll have booths just outside the stadium to try and reach people as they come and go from the event. Since it’s a non-profit, the cost of the deal was “far less” than a traditional corporate brand deal, but organizers say the Stones were interested in supporting the cause.

I appreciate the effort to help people plan for retirement but this strikes me as an odd choice for a couple reasons. First, the Stones don’t seem interested in retiring, ever. Second, most of the concertgoers aren’t planning retirement, they are already there.

May we recommend Alliance for Lifetime check into sponsoring Coachella instead and try to talk some sense into the 20-somethings maxing out their credit cards on music festivals.