Thank You Florida Woman, Your Mugshot Is Perfection

Natasha Ethel Bagley via MDCR

Florida woman, Natasha Ethel Bagley, 42, caught charges of armed burglary with assault or battery, attempted robbery with a deadly weapon, criminal mischief, and our forever undying gratitude for this perfect mugshot.

Court records say Bagley and her girlfriend, 27-year-old Genesis Peguero, went to a Burger King restaurant in south Miami in April and asked for free fries at the drive thru. When they were refused they went into the restaurant, hopped the counter and demanded the cash in the register in lieu of french fries.

The undynamic duo assaulted the manager for trying to call the police before tearing registers and monitors off the counter and speeding away in an SUV. Bagley was booked Tuesday after being identified by the victims, however Peguero is still on the run.