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Police Keep Showing Up to Halloween Display

Police keep getting calls about a Halloween display at the home of artist Stephen Novak in Dallas. The Texas artist has had police visits over a gruesome Halloween display in his front yard featuring fake […]

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Shaq to the rescue.

A video in the link below shows NBA star, Shaquille O’Neal helping a woman with a blown tire on I-75 near Gainesville. He witnessed her pull off to the side of the road and pulled […]

The Morning Hog


Police in Nottinghamshire, England had a warrant for an arrest of a 35 year old male for missing a court appearance. When they showed up to arrest the man, he ran and hid in nearby […]

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Police offering to test drugs for coronavirus

The coronavirus scare is now pretty much full blown and has everyone talking. It also has the attention of the Tavares Police Department. They are concerned with everyone’s health. In a Facebook post they wrote… […]