Secret Shopper Scam

Photo: Shutterstock

This story is coming out of Orlando, but it could happen anywhere and because of the severity of the scam, the FTC is now involved.

A woman named Louissteen Cummings received 2 checks in the mail for $2,600 each that said it was payment for being a “secret shopper”. She was instructed to deposit the checks into her bank account , keep $600 for herself and then send the remainder as money orders to an address that would be given to her via text by her “supervisor” named Harry Lewis.

Cummings called the number and didn’t get an answer, then decided to call the News to investigate. The Bank on the check is legit, but the checks themselves are not. If she had deposited the checks, the banks would deposit them an funds would be available. Once the banks discover the checks are fraudulent, Cummings would be on the hook for any of the money taken out.

If you receive anything like this in the mail, contact your local authorities ASAP.