McDonald’s Dipping Sauce Rage Lands Florida Woman in Jail

You know that blind rage you feel when you want all the options when it comes to dipping sauce for your McNuggets but McDonald’s only gives you one or two? Okay, me either but one 19-year-old Florida woman named Maguire McLaughlin from Vero Beach felt the rage and the rage was real.

Allegedly, McLaughlin took a trip through the McDonald’s drive thru at 3:45am and asked for one dipping sauce in every flavor they had. She was informed by an employee that there would be a 25 cent charge for each packet and that’s when Maguire advised employees that she’d tob the place to get her dipping sauces and she’d get her hands on them, quote, “by whatever means necessary.”

The employees called the cops, and she was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.


[h/t smokinggun]