Mama D’s Diner Offers “My Girlfriend is Not Hungry” Menu Option

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A diner in North Little Rock, Arkansas is getting their 15 minutes of fame for one of its menu options and we are loving it. Mama D’s Diner menu has all the normal offerings you would expect from a southern diner, including the option to add a few extras for your significant other who doesn’t want their own meal and prefers to pick from  yours.

The option “My Girlfriend is Not Hungry” includes extra French fries to your entrée, and chicken wings or fried cheese sticks can solve your problem for $4.25.

“I think everybody can relate that when we go out, our girlfriend or our wife will be like, ‘oh I’m okay with salad or I’m okay with this small thing or a drink,’ but at the end they’ll be picking on your food,” co-owner Andrew Putra told THV11.  “We can give them their options now so people don’t have to spend too much, but they can get small portions that they can eat,” Putra said. “Mama D is my mom, her name is Daisy,”

Posted by Mama D's on Tuesday, July 2, 2019