PBR Just Launched an Alcoholic Coffee Drink

Pabst Blue Ribbon / Shutterstock.com

Hipsters, coffee enthusiasts and caffeine addicts celebrate!! Pabst Blue Ribbon just launched a 5% abv iced coffee, aptly named called Hard Coffee.

Right now it’s being testing in Pennsylvania, Maine, New Jersey, Georgia and FLORIDA!  There’s no word on when it could go nationwide, but at least it’s here in the sunshine state to simply your morning routine. (There’s no word on when it could go nationwide.)

So what are the dirty details? It’s described as a “vanilla-infused premium iced coffee with a 5% alcohol-by-volume kick,” and they say it’s quote, “among the first of its kind in the industry.” I don’t care if it’s the first or last hard coffee out there, I just know I want to be the next to try it.

Here’s a link to the Pabst Blue Ribbon product finder if you want to give it a shot.