WATCH: This Dog Can Get You a Beer, a Koozie and Throw Away the Empty Can

Screenshot Instagram @boone_the_beer_getter

A Kentucky man may have a new career in training dogs. Brent Kramer, 26, has trained his dog, Boone, to get him a beer out of the refrigerator, grab a koozie, and of course throw away the empty beer cans. How do we know about all this perfect puppy training? There’s adorable video of the entire production.

Kramer, of Pikeville, Ky., told local news that “It probably took just over a month to get it all done.” Boone needed only an hour to learn how to get the beer and a couple more days to get the koozie, but “getting a dog to realize that you want them to drop an empty beer can in the trash is next to impossible.”

Check out Boone on Instagram at @boone_the_beer_getter.