Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome: Angry Orchard, Strainge Beast, & Jim Beam Kentucky Coolers.

Riggs & Steve from The Morning HOG + Josh from S.R. Perrott = The Brew Review. It’s simple math. Now, let’s see how we got the answer. Number 1 was a new twist to a great drink. Here’s Angry Orchard with their Hardcore Dark Cherry Apple, an 8% ABV Imperial Cider bursting w/ real flavor & fruit. Featuring bittersweet apples blended w/ dark cherry juice, it’s robust yet smooth. Secondly, the boys jumped head first into another variation of a classic we all know as Jim Beam. Introducing the Jim Beam Kentucky Cooler Variety Pack. Inspired by Jim Beam’s southern routes, the new Kentucky Coolers is a line of refreshing hard lemonades & punches that are crisp, cool, & full of flavor. This variety pack includes three 12oz slim cans each of four styles: Strawberry Punch, Citrus Punch, Black Cherry Lemonade, & Sweet Tea Lemonade. Each style with 5% ABV, 120 Calories, and 5g Sugars.

The last part of the equation comes to us via a very familiar brewery called Sierra Nevada with their Strainge Beast Mimosa; a hard kombucha cruising in at 7% ABV. Pop the bubbly & let brunch begin!! This ready-to-drink wonder is a weekend dream. Strainge Beast Mimosa comes alive with wild, fizzy flavor that won’t sit still & it’s made with natural flavors. Well, that’s a wrap of another tasty & successful Brew Review. Click on the S.R. Perrott beer finder right here to locate these or any other scrumptious beverages. Until we meet again next Friday, Cheers folks!!!