The Brew Review welcomes Smithwicks & Guinness!

Riggs & Steve from The Morning HOG were once again joined by Josh from S.R. Perrott for an all-Irish version of The Brew Review. They kicked todays episode off with one from the Smithwicks line-up & their Red Ale. The distinctive Ruby Red colour makes it unmistakably Smithwick’s. With a refreshingly balanced taste, this is a blend of mild hops, sweet malt, & roasted barley. The gentle bitterness of the hops is perfectly complemented by the sweet, malty notes. Next, the boys switched gears a little by getting into some Guinness beer with the Guinness Draught can. With hints of roasted coffee & chocolate & a dark ruby red appearance, Draught is smoothly balanced with bitter, sweet, roasted notes. Throw in the nitrogen widget & you’ve got a party!!

After that, we stay on the Guinness train & latch on to their Extra Stout brew; clocking in @ 5.6% ABV. Extra Stout is subtly fruity with warming, roasted notes of coffee & dark chocolate. Crisp & balanced with bitter, sweet, roasted notes & a dry finish, this guy is dark ruby red in color as well. And the last beer that was cracked open was Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. Guinness Foreign is a full flavored beer brewed with extra hops to preserve the product in the ships’ holds during voyages of four-to-five weeks in tropical climates; thus yielding a powerful drink with bold character. So, pack your bags, wet your lips, & dive into this deliciously smooth 7.5% ABV brew-ha-ha!! You can dive into any of these adult dranks by clicking here to find your nearest dealer. We appreciate everyone tuning in for todays edition of The Morning HOG Brew Review. Until next week folks, have a safe & Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!