The Morning HOG Brew Review: Pumpkin style

Welcome back to another exciting adventure of The Morning HOG Brew Review where Riggs & Steve were joined by Josh from S.R. Perrott. This morning, Josh brought a tasty line-up of pumpkin flavored beverages. The first beer comes from Punta Gorda via Fat Point Brewery. It’s ironically called Pumpka Gourda & it’s a fantastic tasting spiced ale! Next up is one from Dogfishhead called Punkin Ale. This guy is a 7% brown ale brewed w/ pumpkin & spices. After that came another pumpkin ale from the Orlando-based Motorworks Brewery called Hiya Gourdie. The can is a play on the movie “It” with the red balloon reference. The beer itself has a sweet & spicy flavor clocking in at 7.5%. And last but not least is Steve’s personal favorite from TBBC called Gourds Gone Wild. This superb pumpkin ale stands out from other beers because it’s brewed with lactose which gives it a slightly heavier & creamy texture. If you’d like to wrap your palms around any of these dranks, you can click on this link right here. Please drink responsibly & share one with Riggs if ya see ’em cause he extra thirsty!