France Tells Citizens Cocaine WILL NOT Cure Coronavirus

Contrary to what Twitter, and/or Eric Clapton may have told you… cocaine is not the answer.

Spreading the virus is dangerous and so is spreading bad information. One specific claim has received enough attention that French authorities felt compelled to address it. Namely, the claim that cocaine could cure a COVID-19 infection. That’s right everyone, in case you were curious, cocaine won’t cure the coronavirus, even though Twitter told you it does.

Yeah, it seems like a strange suggestion but it got enough steam on Twitter that it had to be addressed. Whether those posts were intended to be a joke or not, the number of people who engaged prompted French officials to post, “No, cocaine does NOT protect against COVID-19,” the tweet reads in French. “It is an addictive drug that causes serious side effects and is harmful to a person’s health.”

As of the writing of the post, the Coronavirus has no available vaccine or cure. Much like having the flu, managing symptoms of the COVID-19 infection is the best thing you can do once you have it.

Just not with cocaine.

[h/t nypost]