Florida Man Sets His Hospital Bed on Fire to Get Nurses Attention

Volusia County Corrections

Chances are you’ve been there too. In the hospital, fed up, want to GTF out and the nurse call button just isn’t fast enough.

Florida man, 75-year-old John King was at a hospital in New Smyrna Beach and he felt ignored by nurses when he asked for his clothes, so to get their attention… he lit his hospital bed on fire.

Here’s the best part, the actual FIRE did NOT get the the nurses’ attention. It was the 84-year-old guy sharing the hospital room with King who yelled, quote, “The [mother-f—er] in here lit his bed on fire. I can’t breathe.”

Fortunately, one of the nurses put out the fire with a fire extinguisher and no one was hurt, but the Midnight Oil meets Farrah Fawcett display completely destroyed the bed and King caught felony arson charges.

He was apprehended trying to escape in the hospital elevator.

[h/t miamiherald]