Florida Man Says Woman Chugged Two Beers and Then Proceeded To “‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin My A**”


Florida man, 26-year-old guy named Coty Lee Havens of Fort Pierce got into an argument with a woman over her drinking. So she chugged two beers, crushed the cans . . . and according to what the guy told the cops, she proceeded to, quote, “‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin my a**.”

Florida woman, 23-year-old Chastity Bodnar took a play out of WWE Superstar ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin’s finishing move playbook during the argument with Havens when she chugged two beers and tossed the aside before she attacked him.  It’s not clear if she used Stone Cold’s signature move… a kick to the gut followed by a neckbreaker called the Stone Cold Stunner.

Anyway, she was arrested for misdemeanor battery. Havens also wound up getting arrested after he fought with the cops who came to clear things up.

Here are some of ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin’s most memorable stunners courtesy of ESPN.