Edgewater residents my have some help with their water utility bill…but it’ll cost you


Many Edgewater residents are claiming that their water utility bill is higher than normal and a businessman named Tommy Armitage may have a solution.

He says that residents can have an inside meter installed to monitor actual water usage rather than what the city meter is reading. Armitage says “We document what the city is saying, we document what ours is saying, we take the pictures and we go ahead and put that in the portfolio, with the dates, and then we turn it over to the resident.” 

The cost for the one month monitoring will set you back $350, but Armitage says   “We document what our meter is saying so that they can recover any losses from the city.” This will let residents say “We made a claim. You brushed our claim off. We took action and we found out that you’re wrong. We want our money back.”

He says the meters will be available sometime this week and you you’re interested in having one installed you can call 386-423-5800.