Audio: Riggs & Guy Brew Review with Josh & Amelia from S.R. Perrott. This week: Low Cal and NA brews.

This week on Riggs & Guy Brew Review with Josh & Amelia from S.R. Perrott brings us Low Calorie and Non- Alcoholic Brews.

We start off with Bell’s “Light Hearted Ale” Clocking in at 3.7% ABV this is a nice light and crisp Ale that will satisfy your taste buds and give you the warm feeling of knowing you’re drinking a Low Cal beer! It has a nice citrus pine flavor that you’ll enjoy. Next we took on Shiner “Ruby Redbird” The ruby comes froth the flavor of the ruby red grapefruit it’s brewed with. It’s not an overpowering grapefruit flavor, but it makes itself known. Another low Cal brew clocking in at 4.0% ABV. If you’re into beer and grapefruit… grab you one.

Bells & Shiner

Next we sampled a Low Cal brew by Lagunitas called “Daytime IPA” Clocking in at just 4% you get the IPA flavor you would expect from Lagunitas but also aren’t taking in all the calories that come from their regular line up. Real crisp and hoppy flavors. Perfect for an all day adventure! We finished off with Lagunitas “IPNA” Clocking in at just .05 ABV, this is their Non-Alcoholic IPA. While still carrying the normal flavor that Lagunitas is famous for, you just don’t get the alcohol you would normally get with their beer. So if you’re trying to cut back but still want the great flavor of Laugnitas, this is the brew for you!

Lagunitas Daytime & IPNA

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