The Morning HOG Brew Review presents Head South Brewing & Alcatraz Brewing.

Riggs from The Morning HOG & Josh from S.R. Perrott were joined by Steve Morgan from Head South Brewing & Alcatraz Brewing. The first beer that the boys sampled was from Head South Brewing called 66 Hazy IPA. The “66” in Head South 66 is a triple entendre.  It stands for 66 IBUs, the beer is 6.6% ABV, & it is a reference to the song “Route 66”.  As in “Get your kicks, on Route 66!” The beer is a wonderful Hazy IPA featuring Citra hops that finishes balanced & smooth. A full head & deep golden color compliment the pronounced aromatics well. Next up from the same brewery is one called 69 IPA. Head South 69 IPA has 69 IBUs & 6.9% alcohol.  It is a contemporary West Coast IPA with a dank aroma featuring Simcoe hops, yet surprises with a clean finish almost like you are drinking a lager or a Pilsner! Pours with a pronounced head featuring a full contemporary dank aroma.

After a brief recess, the drinking continued. Only this time, we tried a couple of beers from Alcatraz Brewing. The first one of those two is 2X IPA. Alcatraz 2X IPA is a bold India Pale Ale that is full of classic American hops featuring Cascade & Willamette clocking in at 100 IBUs. The lightly roasted malts create a copper colored ale that has a taste as iconic as the legendary island it is named after; refreshing & complex with a lingering finish. And lastly, we’ve got one called Double Cold Brew. Double Cold Brew is dark with a pronounced head & a long, lingering finish. The beer is not sweet, nor is it dry – it strikes a complex balance in between. The coffee flavor takes the lead in this beer, instead of a supporting role like other Imperial Coffee Stouts. That’s gonna do it for this weeks Brew Review. If you’re interested in grabbing any of these brews, you can click the link here to locate your nearest S.R. Perrott dealer. Until next Friday…Cheers!!