62% of Us Have a Work Enemy – Here’s How to Identify Them

Image via Pixabay

We are all different people, all working different jobs but I can tell you one thing that 62% of us all have in common… work enemies.

According to a new survey, 62% of people say they have an enemy at work. And, sometimes you may not even know they are the enemy so here are some ways to identify them.

Work enemies are usually the same gender and around the same age as us, it is someone we interact with on a daily basis and a whopping 28% say their enemy is their boss.

Look for someone who lies to make themselves look good, often criticizes, interrupts, is dismissive and passive-aggressive.

You may ask, have I had a work enemy? Oh yeah I have and let me tell you, it’s no fun going in everyday knowing someone has it in for you. It’s no surprise that the survey also found that 77% of people who have a work enemy are unhappy at work and 70% are considering a new job to get away from their enemy.

I wouldn’t recommend working with an enemy to my… well, my worst enemy.