Welcome to another Morning HOG Brew Review!

Riggs & Steve were once again joined by Josh from S.R. Perrott for the latest Morning HOG Brew Review. Josh brought with him this time several firsts. The first of the 2 was Sparkling Ice spiked cocktails. Those come in 2 flavors: Mango Mojito & Strawberry Margarita. That Mango has a super delicious mint kick on the back end!! After that, the guys slid into a Lagunitas Disorderly Teahouse. That variety 12-pack comes in 3 flavors like Mixed-Up Berries, Peach Slice, & Yuza Lemon Squeeze. These aren’t as sweet as some of the other spiked teas & they’re slightly carbonated. To find these & any other offerings from S.R. Perrott, you can click right here. Thanks for joining us this week ya’ll…Cheers!!