The Morning HOG Brew Review welcomes TBBC & Sam Adams

Riggs & Steve from The Morning HOG were graced by the luscious presence of Josh from S.R. Perrott. On this mornings Brew Review, we’ll be sampling a new one from TBBC as well as a 4-flavor 12 pack from Sam Adams. First up is a newbie from TBBC called Citrus Grove; a refreshingly fruity blonde ale made with orange & tangerine. At 6.1%, Citrus Grove is malty & sweet with a fruity character & it finishes dry with huge citrus character in the body & aroma. A slight bitterness balances out the malt. Next up is the first of four from the Sam Adams Gameday Variety Pack with the original, Boston Lager @ 5% ABV. Complex yet balanced with a smooth, crisp finish & subtle bitterness, Boston Lager is the brew that helped spark a craft beer revolution. After that we have one called Golden Pilsner; a drinkable anytime brew who also clocks in at 5%. Crisp & refreshing Golden Pilsner is subtly sweet, light bodied, with a beautiful aroma from German hops.

After a short break, the boys got right back to it with a 5.5% brew called Alpine Lager. Alpine Lager is a chill spring alpine breeze in a glass with a crisp, slightly sweet honey maltiness & citrus notes that gives you that “sunny day on the mountain” vibe you want in a spring beer. And lastly, we’ve got a super delicious one called Cold Snap @ 5.3%. Bright, citrus white ale brewed with orange peel, plum, vanilla, & 10 exotic spices. Out of the haze of winter, Cold Snap springs forward with subtle sweet notes & crisp floral hops that say fresher days are here. Well, that about wraps up todays Brew Review. If you’d like try these or any other S.R. Perrott product, click this button here. Until next week folks….Cheers!!