Waking Up to Music Instead of Alarm will Make Your Day Better

Chances are you are using your phone to wake up in the morning but one simple change could improve your day. 

Here’s some news from a new study we can get behind. When you wake up to music instead of an alarm, you have a better day. It gets you out of bed faster, helps brush off the sluggishness and you’ll feel more alert, faster.

Time to dig up your old clock radio, tell Alexa to wake you up with WHOG or download our APP here to use as your alarm because music is much better for you than that horrible alarm sound on your phone alarm. (Who is surprised though, the sound of an alarm clock is one of the most awful sounds ever.)

Oh, and if you need ANOTHER reason to download the HOG APP now to use as your alarm, music with catchy melodies that hold your attention gets your brain moving faster. You know, like those timeless classic rock songs we play that you sing along too.