Truck Stop Camel Needs Antibiotics After Florida Woman Bites His Junk


The Washington Post calls this story “a mad-lib series of unfortunate events,” and they aren’t wrong. However, this is also a story of facts. No matter how weird they are.

Fact 1: There’s a truck stop in Grosse Tete, Louisiana where they have a 600-pound camel named Casper living in a petting zoo. Fact 2: A Florida couple and their deaf dog were at the truck stop when the dog wound up running into the camel enclosure, spooking Casper the Camel. Fact 3: When the woman went in to get the dog, Casper the Camel attacked, pinning her against a wall and sat on her. Fact 4: The woman bit the camel’s testicles to get him off even though she has no teeth, according to the truck stop owner. Fact 5: Keep your dog on a leash because in most places, including this one, its the law. Fact 6: The camel now needs antibiotics after the toothless gumming of his privates by a Florida woman.