The Morning HOG Brew Review returns!

On todays Morning HOG Brew Review, Riggs, Steve, & Josh from S.R. Perrott were joined by Wes from Motorworks Brewery out of Orlando. Motorworks has a lot of beers on tap & Wesley gifted us with 3 of their many varieties. The first beer they drank was Pulp Friction, a super duper tasty IPA brewed with grapefruit. This was definitely the crowd favorite. After that, the boys cracked open a V-Twin. This is an easily crushable Vienna lager that cruises at a low altitude of 4.9%. And lastly, the spices started flowing when they opened up a can of Mango Habanero: a high octane IPA brewed with a peppery kick that’ll sit on the back of your throat for a hot minute. Check out this link here if you’d like to locate your nearest S.R. Perrott distributor. As we always say, thanks for tuning in & enjoy your beverages responsibly….Cheers!!