The Morning HOG Brew Review presents: Sierra Nevada, Schöfferhofer, Yuengling, & TBBC!

On today’s episode of The Morning HOG Brew Review, Riggs & Steve were joined by Josh from S.R. Perrott as well as Gary from Ormond Beach Rotary Club. We started today off with a curveball right out of the gate. Please welcome Schöfferhofer & their Watermelon Mint with a miniscule 2.5% ABV. A refreshing blend of 50% sparkling Schöfferhofer Unfiltered Hefeweizen & 50% watermelon drink with natural mint flavor. It’s the perfect combination of smooth, bitter, sweet, & sour with a touch of minty coolness. Round two comes at us from a very familiar brewery called TBBC with one called Last Days Of Summer. Aromas of mango & peach complemented with hint of bread & banana. Tartness up front, finishing with a clean fruit essence & a touch of sweetness make this the quintessential FL summer sour ale. The next drink we’re sipping on comes from America’s oldest operating brewery, Yuengling. This beer is called Lord Chesterfield Ale with 5.4% ABV. Crafted in a unique two-stage European brewing style for enhanced bitterness, it utilizes both conventional kettle hopping & dry hopping after fermentation resulting in a dry, sharp finish. It’s distinct robust flavor is derived from a delicate combination of sweet maltiness & lingering herbal bitterness.

After a quick break, we’re grabbing a beer from another familiar brewery we’re all sure you’ve heard of called Sierra Nevada called Summerfest. Summerfest is golden bright, balancing delicate yet complex malt alongside spicy, floral hops. Hints of lemon zest lead into a dry finish & the sessionable 5% ABV invites another round on those endless summer days. And lastly, we’ve got one more from TBBC called Day Donkey @ 5.4% ABV. Stone fruit & subtle sweetness support the initial front line aromatics alongside pleasant floral notes rounding everything out. Flavors of citrus & tropical fruits being the dominant trait of this newest addition of the Reef Donkey family. That’s gonna do it for this week. As always, we appreciate you tuning in to The Morning HOG Brew Review. If you’d like to be cool & drink the same beers as us, click here to locate your nearest S.R. Perrott dealer. Until next Friday….Cheers!!