The Brew Review welcomes TBBC, Sierra Nevada, Veterans United, & Terrapin.

Riggs & Steve from The Morning HOG let Josh from S.R. Perrott come into the studio with some super tasty beers. First up is one from TBBC called Cloudy Donkey with 5.5% ABV. This double dry-hopped, Hazy Reef Donkey, provides a more aromatic beer with a softer mouth-feel. London fog yeast has been added, providing a light haze to the appearance as well as adding some subtle fruity notes to the flavor. The addition of Sabro hops to the dry-hopping sessions provides a unique coconut aroma with coconut undertones in the finish. Next up, we’ve got a Sierra Nevada beer called Celebration with a whopping 6.8% ABV. Freshly picked hops, rushed from farm to brewery, fill Celebration IPA with powerful citrus & pine flavors. When you’re on the slopes with friends or building a backyard campfire for the fam, you need a beer as fresh as fallen snow. Pure hops, balanced with rich caramel malt, make this a celebration in every sip.

After a brief recess, we drove the beer wagon up to Jax & visited the Veterans United Brewery & sampled their Cop O Joe. An easy-drinking, dark, medium-bodied oatmeal stout infused with roasted coffee during the conditioning stage. Made with 8 different types of grain & balanced with a healthy dose of hops. Cup O’ Joe has a rich, complex flavor that ends with a nice silky finish. After that, we ended up in Athens at the Terrapin Brewery for a taste of their White Chocolate Moo Hoo. White Chocolate Moo Hoo combines the Yin & Yang of the chocolate world into one decadent tasting beer. All the original flavors of Moo Hoo are blended with sweet, milky white chocolate & cocoa nibs. And lastly, we’ve got a different spin on a classic drink from Angry Orchard. Introducing Angry Orchard Crisp Imperial! The same bold crisp apple flavor you know & love, now with a punch of 8% ABV. Made from 12 apple varieties to give you the perfect balance of juicy & crisp & dry & sweet taste. Bright fresh apple flavor & aroma coupled with a slightly sour & lush finish. Alrighty folks, that’ll do it for this week. If you’re interested in trying any of these dranks (and I know you are), you can click on this link here for the closest S.R. Perrott dealer. Until we rendezvous next Friday…..Cheers!!