The Brew Review turns sideways with a tasty selection of 4 wines!!

Riggs & Steve on The Morning HOG were joined by Josh from S.R. Perrott per usual. Except this time, Josh brought fellow co-worker Sue Barry for some delicious wine tasting. The first wine we tasted was Mairena Torrontés, a white wine from Argentina. Torrontés is the grape & it’s only grown in Argentina. It’s aged in stainless steel which gives it nice acidity & fruitiness for a crisp, clean taste. We had this wine paired with some young gouda. Next up we sampled Fernhook Sauvignon Blanc with some super delicious bri cheese. This selection is from the Marlborough Region of New Zealand; where you can find the best sauvignon blanc’s in the world. Fernhook has a high acidity with tasting notes of peach, pineapple, & a little bit of citrus.

After a quick recess, everyone settled back down for some more wine. This time we’re sampling Chateau Jeantieu, a dark wine from the Bordeaux Region of France. Bordeaux’s are typically blends, meaning a blend of 1 of their 5 red grapes. Featuring aromas of red meat & some tasting notes of strawberry, this wine pairs well with a mature parmesan cheese. And lastly, we have a French blend from the Southern Rhone Valley called Ventoux Rouge. Being a blend of 3 grapes, this delicious selection offers aromas of stewed fruit & hints of cinnamon & clove. Ventoux pairs very well with a mature manchego cheese. That’s gonna do it for this weeks Brew Review Wine Edition. If you’d like to snag any of these bottles of wine, click here to find your nearest S.R. Perrott dealer. And remember folks, don’t forget to have some cheese with your wine!! Until next time….Cheers!!