South Dakota’s New ‘On Meth’ Campaign Is Confusing


South Dakota launched a nearly half-a-million dollar methamphetamine prevention campaign on Monday and managed to really meth it up… really bad.

Who approved this? Whether it’s the slogan, “Meth. We’re on it,” plastered all over TV ads, billboards and posters; or the website,, Minneapolis-based marketing and ad agency Broadhead Co. seems to have missed the mark across the board.

Apparently, the ‘On Meth’ campaign was meant to highlight South Dakota’s growing epidemic and feature people of all demographics saying, “I’m on meth,” to symbolize that they are “on” the prevention of meth. But, that’s not the way the finished campaign is being perceived and now we are wondering, “What was the ad agency smoking when they came up with this campaign?”

Gov. Kristi Noem explained the tagline during the campaign announcement as meaning, “Each one of us, no matter who we are, we’re on the case of meth. This campaign is going to be about solutions and hope and how every single one of us in South Dakota can partner to be on meth.”


[h/t nyp]