The Morning Hog

Florida Man found in gators mouth…

Sometime back in June, a mining company out of Fort Meade saw a HUGE alligator (449 lbs) on their property…but that’s not all they saw. When they got closer, there was a Human body in […]

Quinn's Afternoon Army

South Dakota’s New ‘On Meth’ Campaign Is Confusing

South Dakota launched a nearly half-a-million dollar methamphetamine prevention campaign on Monday and managed to really meth it up… really bad. Who approved this? Whether it’s the slogan, “Meth. We’re on it,” plastered all over […]

Gas can
The Morning Hog

Not Florida this time

There’s a woman in California that probably should have just hoofed it 6 more blocks. Lynette Stewart was filling up a gas can so she could fill up her car. The thing is…the car was […]